About Me


Mission Statement

Kecia is dedicated to the field of personal development, and committed to helping individuals identify their purpose and live out that purpose. She believes people possess intrinsic qualities and strengths, and that they are the gatekeepers to the answers in which they are seeking. Her privileged role is to serve as a conduit of illumination so that self-discovery is achieved. Her mission and passion is to assist her clients with getting to the “heart” of the matter, where truths abide, revelations are revealed, and lives are empowered and changed.

Kecia’s Bio


Driven by authenticity, Kecia brings to the coaching arena intuition coupled with powerful listening and questioning skills that will challenge you to reach higher, climb further, and champion over obstacles. She artfully articulates powerful insights that will help you to annihilate limiting beliefs so that you become a person of power and success. Co-creating your dynamic world free of limitations is her focus and agenda for you!


Providing a “coach-side” manner that resonates concern and adoration for her clients, Kecia is fondly referred to as, “Dr. Kecia.” Living by the motto, “Life is choice driven,” she drives a hard but gentle bargain as she challenges individuals to manage their awareness, emotions, and physical states so that they can experience self-mastery. She serves as a beacon of light and love by assisting individuals with seeing life through a different set of lenses. As a powerful facilitator of change she shares perspectives that help individuals transform the quality of their lives. She thrives off of seeing others achieve their goals and win in the game of life!


Life Coach

Working with individuals from around the globe, Kecia blends several methodologies and life experiences as a life coach. She is the holder of the following credentials, Master of Arts degree in Counseling, a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) by the Society of NLP, and a Certified Print Coach from Hertz-Reeder. She graduated from Coach U, an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) as a Core Essentials Graduate (CEG). Currently, she is in pursuit of the Professional Coaching Credential (PCC) as recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is a soon to be a graduate of the Robbins-Madanes Coach Training Program as a Strategic Interventionist.


Kecia served as the Director of Quality Assurance for New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) in Bahrain, and as the university’s lead Project Manager for the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) certification. Within these positions she utilized her coaching and team-building skills to supervise and manage the operations department of NYIT- Bahrain towards the successful completion of the ISO.


As a successful entrepreneur, Kecia has served as CEO and founder of two companies that serviced the needs of the local community and improved the quality of lives and businesses.

Production, creation, and direction of romantic theme-based events, designed to meet the needs of couples for the purposes of educating, strengthening and enhancing relationships inspired Kecia to start the very popular and highly demanded business of Romantic Moments in 2000. As the Picasso of Love, she used the heart of love as her canvas to create romantic and entertaining events of first class quality.

Realizing the truths and challenges that all businesses face, Kecia utilized her superior organizational skills and founded Strategic Organizational Services in 2002. She customized organizational systems that provided business owners with peace of mind; more time to focus on their crafts and the needs of their customers, which in turn yielded their companies with greater efficiency and accelerated success.


From 2008-2010, Kecia served as a monthly freelance columnist for one of Bahrain’s leading magazines for women, and as an occasional writer for a monthly entertainment guide. Through her articles she was able to uplift and inspire many. She provided readers with sound advice both personally and professionally. (Click here for articles).