Frequently Asked Questions


Is coaching a series of predesigned courses?

No. Coaching is a personal tour and co-creative process of exploration and self-discovery customized to meet the needs of each individual client. Coaching has been called a dance between the coach and the client. The coach coaches where the client leads!

How long will it take to complete the coaching process?

Initially, clients are asked to make a 90 day commitment to themselves and the coaching process. However, this may be exceeded due to the client’s personal needs, and their desire to extend or to pursue additional goals. The completion and results of coaching are completely dependent upon the client’s commitment and focus.

How often are coaching sessions held?

Coaching sessions are offered weekly with one session per week in 60, and 90 minute durations. Sessions are held the first three weeks of the month. Sessions are not held the last week of the month.

Is coaching done only in person?

No. Coaching is just as effective using various methods such as the telephone, Skype, or Instant Messaging services.

What is the cost of coaching?

The costs of coaching services vary based upon the type of coaching method and session duration selected.

How do I pay for my coaching sessions?

All coaching sessions must be paid for at the beginning of each month via cash, wire transfer, credit card, or PayPal.